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What’s Snowscoot?  Snowscoot is a type of winter sports gear that could be likened to a

cross between bicycle, bike, snowboard and ski.

The rider maneuvers it with handlebars to glide

over snowy slopes, and gets an enjoyment that differs from both skiing and snowboarding.

Its enthusiasts include not only people who ski, snowboard, or engage in other

winter sports, but also those who go for two-wheeled sports(e.g., BMX, MTB, and motocross).

People can get the knack of Snowscoot riding with only about two hours of practise and some

basic instruction. Even those who ordinarily do not

indulge in any sport can easily learn how to ride and have fun with Snowscoot.

It is a variety of sports gear that can be enjoyed by everyone from grade-schoolers to

oldsters, male and female.

How do I brake? Snowscoot does not have any brakes.

Like skis and snowboards,it has a board, and the rider controls turns and stops with the edge of the board.

What should I wear? For footwear, you can wear just about any sort of soft boots,

such as snowboard boots or snow trekking shoes.

For other wear, there would be no problem wearing the same outfit as for skiing or snowboarding.

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Empower people to revolutionize their way of living sport and nature.


To be a reference point for all sports and lifestyle lovers, offering them cutting-edge

technological products together with the possibility to live to the full unique and concrete experiences.

We are creating a sportsmen community, people who are looking for new

experiences, who already love snow, or who see the snow for the first time and fell in love with it.

NorthSide Snowscoot is currently developing a rental network in Italy aiming to

spread the sport, that combined with a e-shop where enthusiasts can satisfy their own desires.

Moreover, we think it is fundamental to be non-stop active in social activity, both

online and offline, working hard to promote Snowscoot even with initiation events.