SnowscootExperience Andalo/PaganellaSki

San Martino Di Castrozza

SnowscootExperience San Martino Di Castrozza


SnowscootExperience Folgaria

“The new full-day experience of an ADDICITVE, INTUITIVE, SAFE AND DAMN ENTERTAINING sport”

A NorthSide rider will accompany you for the day on the best slopes, tailoring the day to your level and confiding all the tricks to get you off to a bomb start.

You can have a single adventure partner or go out with a group of 3 or 4 people (don’t have a group? We’ll find it for you!), the unforgettable experience is guaranteed!

Feel free to email us for extra dates, in case yours is full or not listed in the calendar below, we’ll do our best!

[email protected]

We are a sports association, so activities are for members only, but don’t worry, the €5 membership is valid for the whole season.

Snowscoot Experience prices:

Groups of 2: 240 €

Groups of 3: 285 €

Groups 4: 320 €

Free cancellation until 14 days before the date booked for the experience.

No events available.

Choose one ore more preferred locations for the Snowscoot Experience among the following: Andalo/PaganellaSki, San Martino di Castrozza, Piancavallo, Folgaria. Leave blank in case you do not have any preference.

*Tick the box “consenso al trattamento dei dati personali” so that we can write you back.

Please add the extra names in the “note” blank in case of a booking for more people.

Experience subject to availability. Northside reserves the right to modify and cancel the activity at any time. The user who purchases Snowscoot Experience has the right to cancel free of charge until 14 days before the date booked for the experience. Consequently, that will determine the refund of the rate, with the exception of the membership fee (which will remain valid). Cancellation and refund requests filed after this term will not be processed. However, it will be possible to move the activity to a later date, if possible.